The Western Reach

Disgusting little creatures

Adakias' notes of the recent events.

Why I’m following this group of weirdos and misfits I haven’t a clue. Some weird force draws me to follow along. Maybe they’ll get me into the trouble I tend to desire, or the riches and materials I dream of.
As far as I’m concerned, those rats are a cancer. Anything they touch, or worse, capture, should be treated in the same manner as a dead limb or rabid dog. Evidence was given once the cinders cooled and showed us the nest underneath. It wouldn’t have ended. And it won’t end today. It’s easy to imagine these are everywhere and only deeper. We seem to be close to the bottom of this little nest, leaving countless corpses behind, and I can’t wait to see what ugly creature sits at the bottom. As well as set it ablaze like its minions above.
The amber in this cave are making my magical tinkerers explode with unexpected power, its easy to imagine why these feeble creatures would hoard it. Their feeble minds may also make its awful side affects a little less substantial.



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