Albert Gunderson

Inn-Keep at the Thistle and Key


A portly male dwarf of around 50. He is built like a small ox, has red hair and a receding hair line. He is jovial and doesn’t ever let a patron drink alone. He pays well for good drink and rents rooms to travelers, trappers and prospectors.

Albert has a family, including two daughters (Elva Gunderson and Bea Gunderson) and a wife named Ukrid Gunderson. He has a fairly good life since he moved out to White Gable. That is until his daughter Bea Gunderson was kidnapped by the Lake Wallburton Fur Co. and held captive till he paid his debts. Thankfully some kind strangers helped rescue his daughter and settled his debts. In thanks Albert is allowing the strangers to live in his cottage in the back of the inn.

Albert Gunderson

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