The Western Reach

A Glorious Return
Mat's record so far

After having vanquished the rat king (or so I was told, I was a little pre-occupied with not bleeding out) our fair band of misfits were forced to weather the most torrential downpour I had ever witnessed. Luckily a disused cave proved our salvation. After that episode, we were met with a hearty band of halflings. Whom, I’m pleased to say, shared there food, music, and good cheer (the type of which I am most fond.) Though poor Zophar seemed to suffer an sudden onset of an upset stomach at there arrival. Pity he should miss out.

Once we arrived into town we split our party to rest for the night. It seemed a shame to have ones lodgings so situated one couldn’t share the company of ones cohorts. I deemed this need be remedied. The next morning my morning meal was interrupted by a gun fight of all things in the street! Why one would wish to resort to such rudimentary tactics as the first option is beyond me. Once the gaurds resolved the conflict I decided to make my way to a fellow tinkerer to finish up a project i had been working on. These new goggles should be handy in a pinch.

And now for the execution of my plan to help unify and strengthen our noble brotherhood! Possessing a proclivity to use subterfuge, I of course have become familiar in the art of forgery. Now i know this is not a gentleman’s skill. But for my purpose, such skills are but the ugly side of what is necessary. Having coaxed a deed from the esteemed tavern owner I managed to memorize the forms for such things in this part of the world. Knowing of a foreclosed lodge I set away making the document. Presenting the thing to our good mayors office, I was gifted with the keys to my new home! And the new home of our esteemed company!

Disgusting little creatures
Adakias' notes of the recent events.

Why I’m following this group of weirdos and misfits I haven’t a clue. Some weird force draws me to follow along. Maybe they’ll get me into the trouble I tend to desire, or the riches and materials I dream of.
As far as I’m concerned, those rats are a cancer. Anything they touch, or worse, capture, should be treated in the same manner as a dead limb or rabid dog. Evidence was given once the cinders cooled and showed us the nest underneath. It wouldn’t have ended. And it won’t end today. It’s easy to imagine these are everywhere and only deeper. We seem to be close to the bottom of this little nest, leaving countless corpses behind, and I can’t wait to see what ugly creature sits at the bottom. As well as set it ablaze like its minions above.
The amber in this cave are making my magical tinkerers explode with unexpected power, its easy to imagine why these feeble creatures would hoard it. Their feeble minds may also make its awful side affects a little less substantial.

Session #4
The Tunnels Beneath Cumber

Last time the expedition met a kindly elf druid and faced off with a Catamount. After some injuries they managed to save a wounded Gustaf and then continued on their journey West. They arrived at Fort Cumber early on the 23rd of October. After finding out that the fort had been lost to Vermin, Adakias promptly set the fort ablaze. Causing the deaths of many Vermin and some captives. Now the expedition is staring down a tunnel they have found in the ashes of Fort Cumber and about to plunge into the dark, filthy depths.


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